UEFA EURO 2024 Referee Teams Announced

Eighteen UEFA Referees and Argentine Team Appointed to Officiate the 51 Matches in Germany



UEFA has announced the referee teams for UEFA EURO 2024, set to take place in Germany. A total of 18 referees, along with their assistant referee teams, video match officials, and support match officials, will oversee the 51 matches in the tournament. The list includes Halil Umut Meler from Turkey and Facundo Tello from Argentina.

Roberto Rosetti, UEFA’s Managing Director of Refereeing, commented, “UEFA EURO 2024 represents the pinnacle of European football. The selected referees have consistently performed at high standards in UEFA’s top competitions and their respective domestic leagues. We have full confidence that they will excel during the tournament.”

Before the tournament, the referees will participate in a training course in Frankfurt, Germany. During the matches, the referee and assistant referee teams will be based in Frankfurt, while the video match officials will operate from the International Broadcast Centre in Leipzig.

Here is the full list of selected referees

  • Artur Soares Dias (Portugal)
  • Jesús Gil Manzano (Spain)
  • Marco Guida (Italy)
  • Istvan Kovacs (Romania)
  • Ivan Kruzliak (Slovakia)
  • François Letexier (France)
  • Danny Makkelie (Netherlands)
  • Szymon Marciniak (Poland)
  • Halil Umut Meler (Turkey)
  • Glenn Nyberg (Sweden)
  • Michael Oliver (England)
  • Daniele Orsato (Italy)
  • Sandro Schärer (Switzerland)
  • Daniel Siebert (Germany)
  • Anthony Taylor (England)
  • Clément Turpin (France)
  • Slavko Vinčić (Slovenia)
  • Felix Zwayer (Germany)

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